The social democratisation of the media, or, my sister has a blog

Deary me. As a journalist, I really am terrible at consistent publication. The only excuse I can offer is work – you know, the writing I get paid for – has been wonderfully hectic over the past month.

The crème de la crème of our editorial staff has high-tailed it off to a metropolitan news website. Which is fabulous, except it’s rather like moving from the handlebar of your dad’s bike to your very own treadly, minus the training wheels.

The resulting rounds re-shuffle was a bit of a win all round. Unfortunately, it turns out having the rounds I wanted doesn’t make work easier. It makes it 20 times harder as I frantically try to put all these fabulously interesting stories in print by Tuesday 12pm.

Anyway. That’s my rather pathetic excuse for ignoring this ole thing despite one of the most exciting events of my short life – the Labor leadership spill – turning the whole world upside-down and leaving it rather confused and better dressed.

But it’s not the first female PM that’s made me hit the keys again, although doubtless Jules will get a look-in later on. It’s another fabulous redhead, my very own big sister.
She has a new blog, alfie in the kitchen, and without an ounce of family bias I declare it really bloody good.

Big sis has always been pretty whiz-bang in the kitchen and has been my culinary idol since heating up Lean Cuisine with rubber mushrooms for me at the age of seven. She’s now decided to write about it, and it turns out she’s pretty well skilled in that department too. I am proud but slightly nervous of my spot as the family’s wordsmith. My only solace is she’s far too smart and qualified to try to do this for a living.

I then got to thinking about my other blogging acquaintances. There’s the prolific starleema, whose blogging matches her journalistic prowess (btw noticed a lot of Lady Gaga on recently? Three guesses why); my darling V who is also tempting me to come home for dinner; and even my aunt is in on the picture. She and several equally hip glebe-ites are eating their way down the fabulous Glebe Point Road.

Of course, another aunt was way ahead of the eight ball – even her dogs blog.
Then there’s the bloggers I don’t know but nevertheless read religiously: the hilarious Allie Brosh and Ben Pobjie,’s The Stump which I read primarily for Bernard Keane and Guy Rundle, and The Sartorialist which I read for the pictures.

Strangely, I’m not making any headway on a work blog. I’ve been pipped by the Mayor, whose well-read musings indicate either a loyal populous or a lot of self-googling.

I really should get cracking though. Let’s put it on the July List. I’ll check back here in a few weeks with the link to the first post. Although given my post rate on this neglected puppy, it could be a sporadic commentary.

I’ll keep you posted…or possibly not.